Touch 触 

When they touch my fingertips, my palms, and my lips, they make all the difference to my mind......

This is a long-term ongoing project that explores my relationship with the contextual meaning of food and body through photographic practice. To me, food serves as a potent carrier of sensory memory and a way of communicating. "Touch" refers to both the sense of touch and the act of touching. The inspiration for this exploration emanates from visual and tactile encounters with various foods. It then evolves into a subconscious journey delving into my memories, dreams, and desires, as well as establishing connections between different foods and the people in my life.

In my practice, food transcends its conventional role as a mere symbol for fulfilling physiological needs; it extends to be an organ, a tangible representation of emotions and dreams, a scene, and a way for me to "touch" others. Each type of food carries different intentions and feelings, which could be sexuality, stress, melancholy, and violence, but also naivety, calmness, and relaxation.

食物,是人在日常中心态的外化。它是如此简单又如此复杂的物质,一种为了正常生活活动所必要的需求,同时也是承载了文化、历史、政治与性别意味的媒介。 《触》是一个与食物有关的长期摄影项目。触,是触觉,也是触碰。始于视觉与感官上的探索,借助不同食物与他人身体的关联,对自身潜意识中的经验、记忆和欲望进行可视化。


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