Out of Reach / 手触不到的地方

It is an ongoing visual letter to my ‘hometown’. 

As someone who was born in Hong Kong but reared on the mainland, this uncertainty over culture, identity, and dialect seems to be a subject that I have been trying to avoid facing. While returning to the street where I was born after twenty-one years, I tried to connect my past and present through photography.

The districts in Hong Kong are vacuous to me, which is devoid of matter.

I was turning like a fish stumbling from pillar to post, spouting bubbles in near-ignorance, and never connecting the dots.

I gently stroked the banyan trees, trying to bear its softness and warmth in mind.

How much more have they been witnessed on this land than me?

It is such a small place which feels like everywhere is by the sea.

In the warm sea breeze, in the endless waiting; I mostly just want to escape to the end where no one is.


——To my ten days at ‘home’——
18 - 28 December, 2022.

...and to be continued.

©2024 Manyi Chan